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Uniqlo in Red

Uniqlo Merino sweater Astoria in heels
Welcome to December!  The days are brisker but as long as the sun is out, you can find me outside.  The Socrates Sculpture park in Astoria is a great spot to walk to on the weekend.  It is a nice sized park that has art exhibits throughout  the year.  It is great for a day with the family or a quick stroll along the water.  You will also find a great view of midtown NYC. 
With these chilly days, I am happy to have this Uniqlo Merino sweater.  I am a huge fan of Uniqlo and how they have created clothing items designed specifically to keep you warmer than your usual coat and sweater.  Red is my go to color this holiday season.  It pairs well with these pants that have a light checkered pattern.  I tied this scarf, that I’ve had for some time, around my neck as my accessory piece.  This outfit is perfect for work and going out.  Versatility is always a priority for me.  I am counting down the days until Christmas and you will probably see me in more red to come!
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Red sweater for fall in NYC Astoria in Heels
Socrates Park in Astoria

Uniqlo merino sweater Astoria in Heels

Uniqlo red sweater Astoria in Heels

Uniqlo lifewear Astoria in Heels

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