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sweater dress french connection sweater dress
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I love to wear dresses…now.  I have noticed that I have definitely gone
through many stages in my life when it comes to my wardrobe.  There was a time when I was a child that I
never wore long pants, I just hated pants.  Living in Miami
also made that easy…it was either a skirt or shorts!  I remember visiting my cousins in New York
and my aunt had to find a pair of pants for me to go outside to play in since I didn’t
pack any.  I don’t think she was too happy
about that.  Then when I started high school, I had to learn really quickly to like pants since we were not allowed to wear shorts to school.  Eventually through the years and once I started working in an office, I began to love pants…I
could wear a pair of slacks everyday if possible.  I thought that if I wore these all the time
and a pair of heels, everyone would think I was taller!  As I got older, I embraced my girly side and now, I love to wear dresses.  If I could
wear them all year long, I would.  Now
that it is colder, I still find a way by reaching for sweater dresses with opaque tights for the
warmth, along with a huge puffy coat, of course!  

I bought this sweater dress at French Connection which go great with my Tahari booties I found at TJMaxx.  One of my best finds this season!  I really like how French Connection dresses fit.  They are comfortable and accentuate in the right places.  I also scored a great deal at NY & Company and bought this silver bib necklace.  It goes with so many outfits and will be on heavy rotation this season!

Thank you for reading!


black and white stripes french connection dress
sweater dress knit dress striped dress

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