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Bebe leather jacket maxi dress
I took a road trip to Philadelphia last Friday for my husband’s cousins wedding. It’s always a great time to get together for family weddings, you get to see and catch up with all those family members that you don’t always get to see and celebrate such a joyous time. We rented a car and headed out on the road. The drive wasn’t too long, only taking 2 ½ hours. I chose to drive because I just feel like I have more experience driving than my husband. He is a great driver, don’t get me wrong, its just that I grew up in a driving city so I drove so much more than him since he’s live in New York for so long where you barely ever need to drive anywhere. Okay, its also because I am a bit bad at giving directions. I prefer to just see what the list of directions are and do the driving myself. I remember when I was young and we would take family vacations, my dad would use a map and plan out our whole trip just by using that map. I followed in his footsteps and got my great sense of direction from him. When I left Miami for Los Angeles, I went to a few gas stations before I could even find a physical map and everyone looked at my crazy for wanting one! Thats just the old school in me.
Knowing that I will be driving for the next two hours, I wore this maxi dress. Its always about comfort and I also knew this would be practical for when we reached the hotel and met up with any other of the wedding guests staying at the same hotel. To make this maxi dress accommodating for fall, I paired it with this Bebe leather jacket I received from my best friend as a wedding shower gift. It is so lightweight and fits perfectly. Since it was still warmer than expected, I wore sandals from JustFab. I wore small pendants including an elephant pendant as well as my elephant ring. I really like elephants 😉
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justfab shoes bebe leather jacket maxi dress

justfab shoes bebe leather jacket maxi dress

justfab shoes bebe leather jacket maxi dress

justfab shoes bebe leather jacket maxi dress
Dress: Romeo & Juliet, Jacket: Bebe, Shoes: JustFab (sold out)

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