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Pregnancy is hard – 9 Month Pregnancy Update

Maternity photography, 9 month pregnancy update, pregnancy is hard

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  You are creating life and bringing another human into this world to love unconditionally.  The idea that we are able to create something so beautiful is amazing.  But I know when you see posted pictures, you always see the best one out of the bunch
as you can see in my maternity pictures included in this post. These are the ones that are well edited with a happy, smiley face.  Not that I am ot happy and I have tons of reasons to smile, but this pregnancy has been hard.  I do not like to complain and I know some woman have much more difficult pregnancies than me.  But I need to share that this pregnancy has been much harder for me than the one before.  

I am always told that every pregnancy is different and it couldn’t be more true. For starters, I grew in size much quicker this time around.  I was showing right away and felt the weight gain immediately.  That seems to have leveled off now but my belly is bigger this time around.  The big difference is how exhausted I am.  Since I was five months pregnant, I could barely catch my breath.  I moved slower and felt tired all the time.  That has not let up at all.  I am still exhausted and I am doing more than I should be.  The tiredness is making everyday activities difficult.  I am worn out and breathing takes so much work. Walking up and down those subway stairs is a mission. Walking in general is just really hard!     

Pregnancy is hard!  My hormones are all over the place this time as well.  I am extremely sensitive this time around and my moods change quickly.  I am usually a sensible, calm person, (well I would like to think so ūüôā  but I get these bouts of sadness that really scare me.  I feel as though I am not in control and it can be frightening at times.  My mind is always racing and thinking about every single thing that I need to do or what could go wrong.  

The physical pain is setting in now too.  You can really only sleep on your side when pregnant and after being on one side, my hip begins to ache.  I turn to the other side and then that side begins to ache.  There is also the aches and pains I feel in my joints.  It really hurts and becomes uncomfortable to do work at the computer.  Also, the ugly side of hemorrhoids take effect and at first, it’s not too bad, but then there is that occasional weekend when they are extremely painful.  This is definitely not the pretty side.   Of course, there are the physical marks of pregnancy that weigh heavy on every woman’s mind.  Stretch marks are not something anyone asks for but it is part of life.  They are badges of honor but I’m sure we wouldn’t mind not having them at all. 
My due date is less than two weeks away and this last month has not gotten any easier. I am even having new symptoms that I did not have last time. All of a sudden, I have a bunch of tiny moles around my next and on my back. I am hoping these go away after giving birth. I mentioned that I thought my nose looked bigger, well, it is. It has expanded and I am breaking out much more now. The pelvic pressure is much more than what I felt last time as well. Getting up to pee in the middle of the night is hard because it takes me so long just to roll out of bed. I know its only a matter of days now until she is here but I am exhausted and just need a few days of rest before she comes. It is really difficult to rest when you have an active toddler. I am enjfoying our time alone together before her sister comes but think its time for me try and get at least one day of rest If that is even possible.

What have you found to be the most difficult part of pregnancy?
Thank you for reading,

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    Love this post pregnancy can be a rough thing I have a 2 year old and we are thinking of conceiving again soon thank you for this blog post ‚̧ԳŹ

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