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My first job out of college was a staff accountant role at a hospitality company and we were given polo shirts to wear to work, a different color for each day. Only the accountant department had to wear these and I remember being envious of everyone else in other departments because they were able to wear their own business casual clothing . Once I left that company, I made a point of looking my best for the office. From early on, I dressed for the job I wanted, not the one I had.

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People remember you when you look sharp and put together and I want to be memorable. Even in the beginning of my career, I made sure to always have business attire on and make a statement with my office style, even if I was still at a junior level. At the end of the year, when promotion talks are going on, you want to be seen as a someone who already looks the role.

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Fortunately, suits and business wear have come a long way and you are able to add more of your own style and still look professional. On the days when I know I have a meeting with other senior level individuals or higher ranking colleagues, I make sure to wear my sharpest outfit. I want to command attention even before I speak and being prepared for the office with what you wear adds to that.

I have found a service that helps me find the right power suit or business casual outfit without me having to go to the stores myself. StyleChest is a personal styling service created by European styling company, OGONEWYORK, located on the corners 83rd and 3rd in Bayridge, New York. StyleChest brings the styling experience of OGONEWYORK to the comfort of your home. This is fun and affordable way to build your wardrobe. Its as easy as taking three steps:

  1. First, you answer a few questions about your style, fit and budget. This allows the company to get a true picture of your personal style. They will use your preferences to curate your StyleChest.
  2. You then choose to pick up your StyleChest at their New York showroom or request for it to be delivered straight to your door. You have 5 days to decide what to keep and and what you will return. You pay for only what you decide to keep.
  3. Finally, you begin each season with a wardrobe refresh and receive new styles quarterly or schedule your StyleChest at your own leisure with their on demand plan.

I had a wonderful experience with the personal styling at StyleChest. I went to their showroom in Brooklyn and they already had a rack full of clothes waiting for me to try on. My preferences were focused on my office style, professional outfits for work, but I was also able to try on casual looks and pieces for nighttime too. My personal stylist helped me go through each item to decide what would work best for me, based on style and fit. For me, this is a perfect way to get what I need without any hassle or wasted time. Life is so busy and personal styling helps me get ready for work in no time. I really enjoyed trying on all the office style clothing and being able to edit all the pieces right there in the showroom. This process cuts so much time out of shopping by not having to go to multiple stores to find what you need. This green ensemble is a nice change from the blue and black I would normally wear to the office. I like that it is not a traditional suit but is still professional, office style that can be dressed up for a night out as well.

personal styling for work attire

StyleChest is personal styling at a an affordable price and a fun experience that I recommend for that next big meeting where you want to stand out in a sea of black business suits. Let these personal stylists help give you your wardrobe update and office look a new start.

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