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zara coat YSL baby cabas monogram
I may be partial to the colors Orange and Blue because I am a Florida Gator after all but I think they are also great for the spring weather we are having.  Spring is finally here and I have gone through my entire closet and purged all the items that I have not worn in over a year or do not fit properly.  I have about five bags of clothes that I will be donating!  I am very happy that my closet has all the pieces that I enjoy wearing and its not nearly as cluttered as it used to be.  The best part is finding and pairing items together that I previously hadn’t before.  Closet organization is key and something I really enjoy doing.  I’ll make sure to post pics of my before and after of my closet soon.
If I could give one piece of styling advice, it would be to “shop your closet”.  Even just the smallest bit of tidying up will reveal so many great pieces that you didn’t remember you have.  It is easy to get into a rut of pairing the same pieces together but just by changing a blouse or accessory, you can create an entirely new outfit.  That’s how I feel about this orange blouse.  I haven’t worn it in such a long time but I found a scarf in my closet that matched it perfectly.  After sorting through and getting rid of black slacks that didn’t fit anymore, one of the pairs I was left with was this black one from Theory.  The fit is looser and more comfortable for spring and summer.

As part of my spring purge, I added two new pieces to my closet, this Zara coat and blue purse, which were purchased during my time in Milan.  These are two staples that I will use on a regular basis and will go with so many outfits.  Sometimes, all you need is to add one or two new items and your wardrobe has a new life!

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zara coat spring coat

YSL baby cabas monogram YSL purse

orange and blue orange blouse blue purse
Pants: Theory(similar), Blouse: Hanger Addict (Astoria Boutique), Scarf: Prima donna, Coat: Zara, Shoes: JustFab, Purse: YSL

Just Fab shoes just fab heels gold pointed heels

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