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Not your Ordinary diaper bag

Mommy and Me blue flower dress
I may be a first time mom, but I am still a fashionista at heart!  I have a love for great purses and bags, so naturally I have more than one diaper bag.  I can remember the first time I went out with Chloé and I packed the diaper bag to the rim

with anything and everything.  I had no idea what I needed to carry and what I could leave at home.  I was undeniably a novice.  As I got the hang of going out with her, I started to realize what I really needed to have on hand at all times and what I could do without.  There were times when we were just going out to eat in the neighborhood or run errands locally which would only require us to be away from home for two or three hours.  One of my favorite aspects to living in Astoria is all the great restaurants that are walking distance.  Also, everything I need for home is also just steps away.  I can step out for the day and walk around my warm and friendly neighborhood and get everything I need.

For those times hanging out in the neighborhood, I don’t even need to carry a diaper bag at all.  I able to use this cute mini backpack that I received from Charming Charlie or my blue YSL purse I purchased a few years ago.  When I am not going to be far from home,  I carry one bottle with extra formula, a bib, two diapers with wipes, a changing pad, and a small toy.  We have been out to dinner and a friend commented, “Did that bottle just come out of your YSL purse?”  Yes, I carried her bottled in my YSL purse!  I have all the essentials we need for our little dumpling and they fit into these small bags.  The mini backpack is helpful when spending the day shopping and this YSL mini bag is perfect for dinner.  Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style.  It just means you have to improvise and this is one of the ways I have adjusted with my little girl.    
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Baby Gap Dress Baby Model

Blue Floral Dress Sandals

Charming Charlie Backpack

Charming Charlie Backpack

Charming Charlie Backpack as baby bag

purse as a baby bag for the modemn mom

blue floral dress and blue YSL purse

blue floral dress and blue YSL purse

blue floral dress and blue YSL purse

Charming Charlie Backpack as a baby bag

Mommy and Me, my little girl
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