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My Top Picks for Lounge Wear while Working from Home

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This quarantine has made me realize that I don’t have a lot of casual clothes.  My wardrobe is mainly made up of versatile pieces for the office or going out. I usually wear a lot of dresses and I am not much of a T-shirt person. I do have a few T-shirts but I never really invested in lounge wear because I was always dressed up.  My office style clearly has no place in this pandemic and while being in pajamas all day sounds okay, it really isn’t after a while. I have found my top picks for lounge wear that I am happy to wear while I work from home. We may be doing this for a bit longer than expected, so let’s get comfy.

The floral dress or the waist bag slacks that are hanging in my closet won’t be much use to me while I am working from home. My most casual sweater previously is this hooded one I am wearing from Banana Republic Factory. I enjoy dressing up but my mood has me wanting to just be as comfortable as possible. Now that I have a set pair of lounge wear for home, I want to know where they have been all my life.  I like to keep these pieces simple and soft. Below I have listed some of my top picks of lounge wear to have while you are working from home. This is probably the most dressed down I’ve been and I’m loving it.

Some of my lounge wear favorites:

  1. Soft Fleece Knit Capri pants

2. 2 Piece striped Tracksuit

3. Tie Dye Printed Short Set

4. Lightweight Fleece Lounge Short

5. Lightweight scoop neck tops

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