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Motherhood – My Journey so far

Motherhood journey with a newborn

I have mentioned before that I was never really a kid person.  I went back and forth about whether I wanted children but when I made the decision, I was completely in.  Once I became pregnant, my mindset completely changed.
I couldn’t even imagine not having a baby and I was in love even before that first kick.  Then she was born, and words can’t even describe how I feel.  She is the best part of my day and loving her makes me the happiest I have ever been.  I am so thankful to my husband for being so patient with me and allowing me to realize everything  in my own time.  His love is the very reason she is here today.

Now that I’ve gotten the mushy part out of the way, motherhood is amazing and before I gave birth, I heard and read so many stories about being a new mom but you really don’t know what its like until it happens to you. Everyone’s journey is different and these are some of the best things I’ve noticed about mine:
1.  I’m not always exhausted!  Yes, for the first two weeks, I found myself more tired than ever before but then we both got into a routine.  One of the best things that a friend of mine told me was that her children adopted her sleep patterns so I thought I would try to do the same.  When little Chloe would wake up in the morning, I would feed her and let her go right back to sleep.  I actually did this until noon each morning.  I like to sleep in and I didn’t have to get up for work so I figured, why not.  This really kept me from being tired and we had the whole day to spend together where I wouldn’t feel like a zombie.  In addition, around the time she became ten weeks old, she started sleeping through the night.  I know, I am insanely lucky!  I remember I just kept waking up to make sure she was still breathing because she was so quiet and slept about 7-9 hours each night.  I honestly got so spoiled, that when the four month regression occurred, I was not ready at all.  Fortunately, that did not last too long and she is back to sleeping well at night.

2.  Traveling is fun with her!  Once our little Peanut got her two month vaccinations, we headed down to Miami!  It was freezing in New York and we really couldn’t enjoy it with her being so small.  I was able to take her home to see all my friends and family and we had a blast!  Everyone was so excited to see her and she loved the sunshine.  She hung out on the beach, went to brunch with us, and visited friends every day.  She is already a social butterfly and once I had a car seat and stroller, I never felt like it was difficult to go anywhere.  On the plane I fed her as soon as we got on and she slept through take off and landing.  My husband and I love to travel and so many people would tell us that we better do it before we have kids because it will have to stop once she is born but I completely disagree.  I believe that once you are prepared and plan accordingly, anything is possible.  She already has two more trips planned for the year!

3.  There doesn’t have to be mom guilt.  I am fortunate to have my in-laws taking care of our little Peanut while I am at work.  They are so great with her and she loves being with them.  So when I returned to work, it was sad the first few days watching my husband leave with her early in the morning but it was because I missed her.  I never felt bad about returning to work because I know it is best for both of us.  My work benefits us all by helping to provide and allowing me to thrive in my own space.    At the end of the day, I return home feeling recharged and excited to play with my munchkin!  She feeds off our energy and is one happy baby!!!
4.  My capacity for love grows more each day.  Everyone always told me this but I had to really experience it for myself.  Every morning, I am in awe that this little girl is my daughter and her smile melts my heart.  I think about her constantly and I am always looking at her pictures.  I just have this feeling of euphoria because of her.  I can’t even imagine life without her.  Her smile fills me up and I never knew love like this before!  Having a daughter and being able to give her so much love is very important to me.  I want to be there for every moment, I want to constantly kiss her chubby cheeks or bite her toes.  I want to share everything that I have with her.  She is my everything!

Every mom’s journey in motherhood is different and don’t let other people’s experiences affect how you think or feel.  Just enjoy your own experience and do whats right for you!  

Thank you for reading,

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