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Mocktails You Can Drink While Pregnant

mocktails to enjoy while pregnant, non-alcholic drinks

My husband, Ricardo, is great at making cocktails.  My cousins are pretty spoiled now, so when they come over, they ask for drinks that make you think they were ordering at a bar.
I have to remind them sometimes that they are getting a little spoiled and they can’t always expect it but Ricardo enjoys making fancy cocktails so he always obliges.  Being pregnant, now I am the one requesting a specialty drink…a mocktail.  He has come up with a few recipes that hit the spot for me.  I like refreshing drinks that aren’t too sweet and do have a little fizz.  These were great while we were spending time in the patio this summer.

The first mocktail is a mix of seltzer, lemonade and fresh fruit.  This one fulfills that need for a fizz that I am craving and it tastes great.  I enjoy this out on our patio while he is grilling and Chloé plays with her water table.  Its also a pretty drink!

The second mocktail I am enjoying has club soda, ginger beer, lime juice and mint leaves.  The ginger beer gives it that kick that you need.  I do like a Dark and Stormy once in a while but until I can have rum again, this will do just fine.

Are there any mocktail recipes you enjoy during pregnancy?

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mocktails to enjoy while pregnant, non-alcholic drinks


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