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Little Spoon – Baby Food Delivery Service

Little spoon organic baby food delivery service
Little Mama is at the age for solid foods and it has been fun making her food from scratch.  It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be, I am able to come home and whip up a batch of pureed peas or sweet potato.  

I just do this along with whatever I am cooking for dinner for me and my husband.  On the days when I am busy, he is usually able to make her pureed food for her instead.  But then there are those days, when we both get home and the last thing on our mind is making dinner.  That’s when we end up ordering in, but you can’t find baby food on any restaurants menu.  This is where Little Spoon comes in to save the day!  This baby food delivery service relieve us from the stress of making sure baby Chloé is fed and fed healthy.  

Little Spoon is a new baby food delivery service that delivers freshly made food to customers on a bi-weekly basis.  Making sure that you are feeding your baby healthy food can be difficult unless you are making it yourself constantly.  Knowing that there is an option to help make life easier for this working mom has been instrumental.  Little Spoon uses fresh foods and a technique called high-pressure processing to lock in the nutrients without having to use additives or preservatives.  This is a better alternative that those jarred baby foods you find in the grocery store that have been there sometimes longer than the age of your baby.  
Little Spoon sends different flavors specific to your baby and they make great combinations as well.  Chloé enjoyed each option that we gave her.  Attached to each container is a small spoon that was actually easier to feed her with than the baby spoons I purchased.  Luckily, she was pleasantly pleased with these and I was very happy with having this as an option for a healthy baby food option.  This delivery service is a great idea and perfect for those who want to know exactly what they are feeding their baby.  My husband and I greatly recommend this delivery service!
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Little spoon organic baby food delivery service

Little spoon organic baby food delivery service

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