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My hair has always been somewhat of a struggle for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair, it’s thick and full and I am still wearing my natural hair color!  In fact, I’ve never dyed my hair
or permed it.  It’s a struggle because I’m not the best at handling it myself, especially when it is long.  That is mainly why I cut it short.  It’s easier for me to manage and takes much less time.  Most of the time, you see me with my hair straight but it is naturally wavy/curly…meaning some strands curl and some wave in ten million directions.  Unfortunately, it’s not wash a go.  I blow dry my hair and use a flat iron for my daily routine.  Finding the right tools are important because my hair is not only thick but coarse as well.

Then I found Irresistible Me.  They have products including hair extensions, wigs, and styling tools.
I received their diamond flat iron and was blown away by the results.  Even as short as my hair is, it’s still not very easy to manage.  Their professional hair straightener has a tourmaline flat iron with a digital display.  It is a Smart styling iron that features Diamond hi-tech which coats the ceramic plates.  This technology helps to protect your hair and keeps it shiny and frizz free.  Some of my favorite features are the automatic shut off.  In the moring, I am usually in a rush and while I make sure to always unplug the iron, knowing that it will shut off automatically does put my mind at ease.  Also, it is super light, which is important when you are trying to reach the hair at the back of your head.  The feature I like the most though is the thumb print and cool tips.  This flat iron fits my hand perfectly and the grip is quite comfortable.  I always feel as though I have a firm grasp on it and not worried about it falling out of my hands and potentially burning me.

The Irresistible Me flat iron isn’t only built well, the results are amazing too.  I used this and this made my thick and wavy hair smooth and silky right away.  I love the results I get with this straightener.  It has actually shortened the time it usually takes to straighten my hair.  It also creates smooth hair and reduces any chance of frizz.  The size of the flat iron allows me to really reach those wavy strands right at my forehead and the design of it keeps me from burning myself.  I also like the curved design which gives me the option to add waves or curls to my hair.  Being someone who has always flat-ironed their hair, I honestly didn’t think I would be so surprised by the difference in results this professional hair straightener would give.  It is night and day and I will never return to my old one.  I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

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After washing:

After blow drying:

After using the professional hair straightener:

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