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I Miss Summer Fridays

summer fridays in new york city
Summer fridays are over and it is already feeling breezy early in the mornings.  My summer flew by too quickly.  Fortunately, I enjoyed it to the fullest and made the most out of our short summer.  Part of working in New York includes getting Summer Fridays.

 Either you get a few Fridays off or you get to leave early.  Not all companies implement this.  At my workplace, most departments had a variety of the two options I mentioned but my department only received three Fridays to take at our discretion.  I made sure to schedule those right away.  Three days are better than nothing, in my book.

 Having that extra day to spend time with my daughter is invaluable.  We work so many hours that by the time I get home, I only really have two hours to spend with her and my husband.  Once companies realize how important this time with our family is, maybe they will become more lenient.  I truly believe that if you keep your employees happy, they will work harder for you.  A truly respected workforce would produce positive results any day before one where you don’t feel comfortable and constantly feel as though someone is looking over your shoulder.
This particular Friday, little Chloé and I went to meet my husband at his job for lunch.  We had a lovely family lunch and strolled around the city after.  I chose to wear this Octavia high low dress for the sheer simplicity of it.  It is comfortable and cute.  The bold print is complimented by the dark blue  trim at the neckline.  Even on your days off from work, it is simple to look pulled together by grabbing a high-low dress with minimal accessories.
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summer fridays what to wear in new york city

summer fridays what to wear in new york city

summer outfits to wear in new york city

Summer in the city
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