How to Spend a Weekend in Wynwood Miami

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I am enjoying my maternity leave in Miami and escaping the cold weather.  I get to bask in the sunshine and spend time with all my family and friends.  So much has changed in the ten years since I left.
 One big difference is the addition of the Wynwood neighborhood.  This was not even around when I lived here.  I have seen it grow every year that I come down to visit.  It is such a great spot to hang out in with a fun, casual vibe.  It’s kid friendly in the day and lively at night.  I had the pleasure of hanging out here when friends from New York were visiting.  This is how to spend a weekend in Wynwood.
First, head over to the Wynwood Walls in the daytime.  These are not open at night and you have to go in the day to truly appreciate the artwork.  These large murals
are such a beautiful site and are great picture spots as well.  The murals are enormous and impressive.  In Wynwood, right outside the walls, there are number of shopping spots to go to as well but one main one that I always end up at is Warby Parker.  They have such a cool collection of sunglasses which are perfect for sunny south Florida.  After doing a bit of shopping, I like to end my day with food!  The Taco Stand, which is actually a brick and mortar store and not just a “stand”, is delicious.  I enjoyed their fish and shrimp tacos.  A bonus, if you have a sweet tooth like myself, is to head on over to Salty Donuts.  They have a large selection of mouth watering donuts and also offer a gluten free option daily.
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For your night time experience, start off at the American Mojito Company.  They make fresh margaritas of different flavors and you will not be disappointed.  This spot has a cute island vibe and is very casual.  I prefer refreshing cocktails and the cucumber margarita hit the spot.  Afterwards, head over to Coyo.  They sells tacos here as well but pass the food portion and walk to the back.  There will be a person at the door that will lead you into a small dance area with a bar and amazing music.  Dance until your hearts content but be mindful of the person walking by with their drinks.  You don’t want to bump into anyone.  After a good workout on the dance floor, head over to 1800 Lucky.  This bar and lounge area offers a variety of food counters inside.  We stopped at the Poke spot and finished our night with two bowls.

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The taco stand wynwood miami, where to eat in wynwood
The best part of spending your weekend in Wynwood is that each spot is walking distance from one another.  It’s a great mix of people and everyone there is having a good time.  Wynwood is a welcome addition to Miami and I am happy I am able to enjoy it now.

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Wynwood walls, what to do in wynwood miami

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