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How I Took Time for Myself This Labor Day Weekend

Rose mansion pop up experience in new york

Labor Day weekend just passed symbolizing the end of summer is near.  It makes me sad because the summer just flew by.  I packed a lot into my three day weekend
and made it about me.  It was a lot and I am ready to relax and do nothing for next few weekends.  To start, Ricardo and I visited the Rosé Mansion Friday afternoon.  That was a fun experience where we walked through many decorated rooms and tasted different kinds of rosé along the way.  I took a small sip and gave the rest to Ricardo, of course.  On Saturday, I treated myself to a prenatal massage.  I haven’t had a massage in so long so it was great getting one by someone who specializes in pre-natal massages.  Sunday, I was adventurous and went to a carnival day fete.  I am Caribbean so I love my soca music and Carnival in New York takes place Labor Day weekend.  On Monday, I went to my cousin’s house for lunch to visit her parents who were in town.  It was a packed four days and back to work quickly after. 
Our Rosé Mansion experience was such a great time.  This two story pop up transports you to a colorful filled adventure while you sip on rosé and learn about it in the process.  My husband and I used this as a date opportunity since we put Chloé in backup daycare for the day.  We both were able to leave work early and get away for an hour before having to pick her up.  It was a nice break from the norm and we had such a fun time.  I wore my PinkBlush off the shoulder dress with my ankle tights and thin strapped heels.  Of course, I made Ricardo take a tremendous amount of photos of me in all the beautifully, decorated rooms.  Then we came to the room with the over-sized throne and he was now the subject of all the photos.  Along the way, you learn about rosé, how its made and the history behind it, and gain a greater understanding for the drink.  We met other people who were enjoying their time there as well.  Your ticket is for an hour but you never feel rushed.  We were able to take our time and ended up spending longer than an hour.  I highly recommend this pop-up that will be around until October.  You can get your tickets here.

On Saturday, I treated myself to a prenatal massage.  It was heavenly.  This was greatly needed and I am so happy I found Inna at Prenatal and Medical Massage Eastside.  She is a certified prenatal specialist with advance training in high risk pregnancies, sciatica, lymphedema, c-section complications and fertility issues.  Before we began, she took the time to discuss with me all my pregnancy symptoms and see what part of my body I needed to concentrate on the most.  The best part of all, you have the option to lay on your stomach.  Her massage table has a center portion that dips to allow you space for your growing belly.  It was amazing and relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of my 75 minute massage.  You can find out more about her and her services here

Now after a day of relaxation, it was time to party.  I know, I know, I am seven months pregnant but I obviously think I can do more than I should.  Labor Day weekend is Carnival weekend in New York and I love my soca!  I am West Indian, so it is expected.  I love to dance to soca and I usually don’t get the opportunity to go dancing enough here.  I found a fete that featured two great DJ’s that I like, Private Ryan and Walshy Fire from Major Lazer.  This was a daytime party so I felt that was a more reasonable option for me.  Let’s start with the good, we got there at 6pm and the top floor had great vibes.  Everyone was dancing and having a good time, the music was on point.  I went with Ricardo and my cousins and throughout the night, we danced and enjoyed the music and company.  Now for the negatives, the promotion company or whomever, was horrible with the logistics.  First, I purchased tickets to a fete that was supposed to be at a location on the water and outdoors.  One week before, the venue changed to a two level indoor venue.  In addition, I purchased VIP tickets for a premium cost that were supposed to include lounge access because I knew I would need to sit.  It also included free food, one free drink, as well as a meet and greet with the artists performing.  When we got there…nothing!  There was no lounge access, we sat at one couch and they made us move because those couches were apparently for friends of the artists.  There was no food, never got the free drink ticket and on top of that, to actually have a space to sit, we had to purchase bottles.  If that was going to be the case, I could have just bought general admission tickets in the first place.  We completely overspent but like I said before, we made the most of it and enjoyed ourselves.  Fortunately, we don’t let these things stop us from having a good time and we know how to make the best of any situation.  I do know for future reference that I will think twice before attending any party promoted by 5 Alarm Blaze again and do not recommend them either.   

Even though I got home at 11pm the night before, I was exhausted on Monday.  No more partying for this pregnant girl!  That was it, until next year of course.  I had family in town so I went with Chloé to see my Aunt and Uncle at my cousin’s house.  It was nice catching up and enjoying great food!  This was the perfect end to my Labor Day weekend.  Now…back to work!

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Soca fete with walshy fire and private ryan in new york

Rose Mansion pop-up experience in new york
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