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How I am Starting off this New Year Right!

Its safe to say, 2020 was a tough year for everyone, all over the world. It really hit us in the gut when we least expected it. I learned that it was important for me to step back from some things. I can’t do everything always and that included updating this blog. I found myself overwhelmed being home with my girls and working. Ricardo wasn’t able to work remotely as often as me and I was doing it alone most of the time. It became too often when I lost my temper easily. At the same time, I was also working on plans for our family’s future and it was all so stressful, to say the least. Now, it is a new year and I fully have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and ready to start off the new year right!

To begin, I want to focus on my health more. I’m horrible at drinking water and I know I need to fix that. Also, focusing on my gut health needs to be a priority. In addition, i’m learning to step away when things get to be too much. This will allow me to come back more focused and allow me to be a better parent. Instead of just getting riled up, I need to make time for myself and make sure to speak up when I need it. Lastly, it’s time I get dressed up again. Even if I am going to be working from home, I don’t want more lounge wear, I want to wear my clothes that make me happy.

I barely owned any casual clothes because I mainly invested in clothes for the office. Over the summer, I purchased sweatpants and found myself wearing the same shorts and sweatpants on repeat. That probably didn’t help my mood though. For me, I feel my best when I get dressed up, it doesn’t have to be a ball gown, but just something more than lounge wear. Today, I put on a shirt dress and wore a little bit of make up even though I am not going anywhere and it was great. It is an instant mood booster for me and I know that in this new year, I want to do this more often. Some little as dressing up for the day makes a big difference for me and that is what I plan to do this new year.

What little thing helps to boost your mood?

A shirt dress is a simple way to get dressed up but still be casual. I’ve linked a few options below.

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