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How Hard Can it be to Go Out with Two Little Kids

For the holidays, we were in my hometown of Miami. We stayed by my parents in the house I grew up. We were so tired from the year that we relaxed at home for the majority of this trip. My parents offered to watch the girls when we did want to go out and that was so helpful. For New Years Eve, we knew we wanted to spend it with the girls and we got them all dressed up for the New Years Eve party at my friend’s house. She has a big family and there would be so many kids so we thought it perfect for them to run around and have fun as well. At the very least, we decided we could take them with us for a few hours and then bring them back to my parents for them to watch while we went back to enjoy the rest of the night. How hard could it be?

NYE with kids

We get the girls all dolled up, get their bag ready and make sure we have everything we need for them. We got to the party and Celine decided that she didn’t want to let me go. She did not want to go to anyone! She only wanted me to hold her. Chloe, surprisingly, was starting to fall asleep already. We thought we would get her something to eat with the hopes that she would get more excited about playing with the other little girls. Chloe was not in a mood for the party and after eating, only got more cranky. We quickly grabbed them so we could take a family photo! Thank goodness we were able to do that. We soon realized that we were bound to the table and chairs and would not be moving around much with these girls since they were not in a dancing mood. It was only forty-five minutes in and we realized it would be best to take them back to my parent’s house. They would have more fun there and be happier running around in their pajamas.

New Years Eve 2020

We take them home and get them all settled. We get back in the car and Ricardo lets out a great big sigh of exhaustion and says how hard that was. I laugh because I was wondering how he thought it was going to be. It was a great attempt to take them with us to enjoy the evening but that was truly hard! We hadn’t done this before so we didn’t really know what to expect. I’m sure it will get easier over time and I am still happy that we took them with us. Realistically though, trying to enjoy a formal evening with two kids under three is no easy feat. It is tiresome and we usually don’t go out late so having the help for NYE was a lifesaver. I always want my girls to be a part of everything we do even if it won’t be easy but at least I now know how difficult it really is. Kids are not easy but they are so worth it and I want to treasure each moment I have with them. Looking forward to more crazy and tiring adventures with this family of mine.

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