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This is only my third year in New York but this has been the best Fall for me yet.  We even had a day that reached 70 degrees.  It has had its up and downs and now, the day before Thanksgiving, snow is falling.  This can really wreak havoc on those planning to travel for the holidays.  I will be here in New York for Thanksgiving but know that I will have to worry about the same thing when Christmas rolls around.  This can be very stressful especially when people have been planning to see family that they do not see on a regular basis.  I wish everyone luck in their travels today and a stress free holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
siwy jeans grey skinny jean black heels
Sweater: Romeo & Juliet, Jeans: Siwy, Shoes: Club Monaco, Purse: Aldo
grey sweater grey skinny siwy jeans

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