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Four Things I have Learned Since This Pandemic Began

Eighteen months ago, during the first week in March of 2020, I was enjoying a night out for dinner in the Meatpacking district in New York City. Just a Saturday night out with friends. We were discussing the virus everyone was talking about without realizing how serious it had become and how quickly. Three days after this picture, I began working from home and nothing has been the same since. It’s surreal to think how much everything changed in the matter of days. Now, since this pandemic began, there are so many things I have learned.

Its been over a year of working from home with two toddlers right there by my side. Over a year of little to no face to face contact with loved ones. It has been over a year of not being able to celebrate large milestones such as marriages together or also be there to mourn our losses with one another. For the longest time of not knowing when things will go back to some sense of normalcy. To say the least, it’s been a hard year for everyone but with vaccines being administered, there is hope for better days to come. It’s really shown how resilient we all are. I know I felt like I was losing my mind at times, trying to work with my kids all over me, but I’m grateful for having my husband and my girls to go through this together. I learned so much about myself this past year:

1. I definitely learned how much kids will push your limits but now I also know how to deal with these moments better.

Mental health is so important and with the environment we experienced this past year, it is easy for it to be pushed to its limits. I felt the overwhelming strain of raising my children and working at the same time It was not easy and I found myself taking out my stress on my girls. After much time, i’ve learned to calm down and take a step back. I also will not let work get me as riled up and know that its not worth the stress. I can respond to my children better and react to them in a better manner as well.

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2. I learned how few and far between alone time with your spouse can be. When we do get out alone, we appreciate it that much more.

Its pretty much close to no alone time. It makes it difficult to connect with one another. By the end of the day, we are both tired and one of us (always him) falls asleep on the couch. When we do get alone time together, we enjoy a nice lunch out and try to talk about things other than the children.

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3. I learned what I can accomplish in my career even through adversity. Networking is key!

Even though so much felt like it was at a standstill, I was able to switch gears at work and start a completely new role. I made sure to keep communciation open with important stake holders in the office. I used my resources available to me and I pushed forward to accomplish something I didn’t ever expect, to completely change careers after spending twenty years in an accounting role!

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4. Finally, I learned that I don’t like loungewear 😝.

Yes, I still need to dress up. I like dress, tailored pants, and pretty blouses. i bought a few sweat pants last year and I realized that it didn’t help with my mood by not dressing up. Now, i get ready in the morning and put on a full outfit that does not include sweatpants. It makes such a difference for my mood. If there is one thing I can control, it is how I look each morning.

What are some things this last year has taught you?

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