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Five Ways this Pregnancy is Different from My Last One

5 month pregnancy update, 5 months pregnant
I am already five months along and this pregnancy is flying
by.  I am feeling good but this summer heat has really made it more uncomfortable than last time. 
This time around is harder and did not start off as easy as last time.  I keep thinking how happy I was that the first pregnancy did not feel this way because I would not have wanted to go through it again.  I can’t say it has been horrible because it is still better than what I know others have experienced but it is definitely different.  They do say each pregnancy is different and that is so true!  

From the beginning it started out differently, here are seven ways it is different from last time:

1.  This time, I was nauseous from the beginning and I felt as though nothing helped.  It was so uncomfortable but I am still lucky because I did not ever through up.  I would gag and feel as though I would but didn’t.  Last time, I had very little nausea and all I had to to was pop a peppermint candy and I felt better.  I tried doing the same thing this time as well and after five candies, I realized it wasn’t working for me.

2.  My belly “popped” out much sooner this time.  I’ve heard that you always show more after you’ve had your first baby.  Last time, I was barely noticeable until the fourth or fifth month.  This time, this baby was showing very much at three months.  There was no hiding this one, lol.

3.  I’m exhausted.  Last pregnancy, during the first trimester, I was so tired and could barely keep my eyes open at work.  This time, I didn’t feel as tired in the first trimester but instead, I get very worn out easily.  After walking a short distance, I am already winded.

4.  I did not get the “linea negra”, at least not yet.  This dark line of pigmentation stretches down the center of your abdomen during pregnancy.  It showed up right away for my first pregnancy but still not around for this one.

5. I’m having sciatica, this pain that starts in my lower back and shoots down my thigh comes on every now and then and it is sharp.  This is the first time this is happening and it mainly happens when I am on my feet for too long.

6.  The swollen feet are real!!!  I’m only five months along and my feet are already swollen.  I noticed that my sandals felt tighter than usual.  It is not cute at all and even my hands are bigger than before.  My rings are already not fitting me but I am also blaming the heat for that!

7.  The biggest difference which I love is that I feel movement already.  I’ve read that you are usually able to notice movement sooner after your first child.  This is the best part.  I can feel little flutters and it makes me so excited.  I am so in love with this little baby, I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading,


5 month pregnancy update, 5 months pregnant, style the bump

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