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Five Tips For Those Considering a Career Change

For many having worked in the same field for over 15 or more years, a career change may not feel like an option. Depending on your specialty, there may not be a lot of wiggle room but there is always the possibility to try a part time passion project. For one, this blog has allowed me to pursue my creative and social side which I wouldn’t usually get from my work as an accountant. Outside of a hobby though, for those considering a career change, here are five tips to help:

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  1. Identify what you like about your current role. Think about the aspects that you do enjoy; is it the creative space or do you like number crunching? Assess your likes and dislikes to pinpoint what you want to look for in your next career change.

2. Assess your strengths and skills gaps. How many of your current skills are transferable? Everyone has transferable skills, whether they involve managing, communication, leadership, or problem solving. Take courses or any additional trainings for those skills you haven’t mastered yet that will align with a different position.

3. Look into different industries. Perhaps it is not what you do but the specific industry you do it in. For example, I began my career doing accounting in the travel industry. I then moved to the real estate investment side and realized that is what I preferred. A career change doesn’t necessarily have to be completely different. It is also more demanding so make sure to take that into consideration as well.

4. Look at different roles in the same company. As I mentioned before, transferable skills may be easier to showcase within the same company. Internal mobility is a simpler way to get involved in something new without starting from scratch. Many companies will offer roles internally before going outside to recruit. Talk to your human resource team to learn more about where your company stands on that.

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5. Network, network, network. I can’t stress this enough. It’s so important to get out there and put yourself in networking situations. By speaking to others, you will learning about industry trends, current openings, and it allows you to vocalize your interest in something new. Mentoring opportunities also assist with your networking, so make sure to get involved in those. Many times more than not, new roles are filled by people that know someone.

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