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Favorite Fall Trench & 9th Month update

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So I found this amazing trench while on my trip to France.  This trench from Mango has become my go to coat for these Fall temperatures.  Its lightweight enough for the warmer than normal

Fall days and heavy enough to keep me warm for the entire season.  It is made of a more structured cotton blend so it doesn’t wrinkle as easy as other trench coats that I have had in the past.  It is a very simple coat with leather details around the cuffs.    It pairs well with everything including this French Connection dress.  This is not a maternity dress but has enough stretch to fit over the belly thankfully.  The heels were a nice touch but I didn’t wear these for long, walking in the 9th month is more painful than I expected, which brings me to my 9th month update.

I am officially in the ninth month and no one seemed to mention the pain that comes with it.  Time is just counting down now, I am excited, nervous, scared, happy all at the same time.  I am not trying to scare anyone definitely but wanted to share my experience.  I have been fortunate actually to have had a rather smooth pregnancy but the pelvic pressure that comes in the 9th month was a big surprise to me.  It does make commuting to work, up and down subway stairs, more difficult than I would like.  I now wear an elastic belt under my belly to help support the weight.  Another symptom I was not aware about is pregnancy carpel tunnel.  My fingers have swollen a bit and feel very stiff.  It is bothersome especially since I work at a keyboard all day but unfortunately there is not much I can do to relieve the pain.  Also, there are these contractions called Braxton Hicks which are practice contractions and do not indicate real labor.  Well, let me tell you, I felt those a few weeks ago and freaked out.  I kept thinking that I had more time and it was too soon but came to realize it wasn’t real labor.  Fortunately haven’t had those again but at least now I feel more ready.  Don’t want to be caught off guard again!  Also, I am generally more tired.  I pretty much slept all day today even though I had a full nights sleep.  One thing for sure, I have been very luck to not have any problems sleeping.  Yes, I wake up occasionally to use the bathroom or with a quick bout of heartburn but I am always able to go back to sleep and I don’t have one of those pregnancy pillows.   All in all, everything is going well according to the doctor and that is what I primarily care about.  Its just a few weeks away now and she will be here!!!
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9 months pregnant what to wear when pregnant

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Trench coat for fall best trench coat

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Maternity style pregnancy fashion
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