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blue blazer blue lace dress

I am always on the lookout for new dresses.  Dresses to wear to work, to wear to lunch, too travel, the list goes on.  I love a versatile dress and one custom made to fit me is even better!  eShakti, an online women’s fashion apparel company offering sizes 0-36W and custom clothing, reached out to me to collaborate and I was so impressed with their large selection.  There were so many great items to choose from and it actually took me a while to finally decide on this blue dress.  It stood out because of the shape and the lace overlay.  It is also very different from anything I currently have which quickly drew me to it.
eShakti’s customization was seamless and easy for anyone to do.  You have the option to specify each piece to exactly how you want, from length to sleeve style.  They
make sure to get every single measurement you can think of to make it possible for each piece made to fit your specific frame.  The quality of their work is
impeccable.  The craftmanship was exemplary.  The most amazing
aspect is that this is all at an affordable price.  I am completely thrilled with the entire process and the finished product.  I highly recommend this online fashion company to everyone!  You won’t be disappointed.  Also, for all my readers, you can use promotional code “astoriainheels” to get 10% off when you shop at eShakti from now until 2/27/14.

For the office, I decided to pair this blue lace dress with my H&M navy blazer, black tights and simple black heels.  The dress is very intricate with the lace overlay and I wanted to keep the other aspects of the outfit very simple.  This dress will easily transition from one season to the next and look forward to wearing it this summer without the blazer and tights.  But for now, gotta keep warm!

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tailored dress blue blazer blue lace dress

blue dress lace dress blue blazer h&m blazer
Dress: eshakti, Blazer: H&M(similar), shoes: Nine West

tailored dress blue on blue dress and blazer

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