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Enjoying Quality Time With My Daughter

Mommy and me time

As I discussed in my last post, I recently left my last job.  It was a toxic environment and it was taking a toll on me.  More details on everything that happened will come later.  But in the mean time, I want to share some happy news.
I always said that I could never be a stay at home mom and I want to work.  Yes, this is still true and I hope to be back in the workforce soon but since I left my job, I have been at home with my daughter.  It has been the most insane and fulfilling experience ever.  I know I love this little girl so much but these last few weeks have made me fall in love with her all over again and more and more each day.  I just stare at this little munchkin and can’t believe she is mine.  I am so lucky and blessed and her smile makes me melt.  Yes, I want to succeed in my career and doing that doesn’t allow me as much time with her as I like.  I was in such a bad place with my last job, I feel as though everything happens for a reason.  I left that company and have been able to spend so much precious time with her.  Behind every curse is a blessing!

Being able to wake up with her and go out to the playground during the week has been some of the greatest moments we shared.  She has such a huge personality and I get to see it all the time now.  Even more, its just me and her!  For a little period of time, she was favoring my husband more and not in a subtle way.  She would cry if my husband would try to give her to me.  She would stop everything she was doing whenever ever her daddy came home.  Well, she actually still does that.  I must admit, it hurt, it hurt a lot.  People always told me that girls will be “daddy’s girls” but no one explained how hurtful it would be.  I can’t blame him, they spend a lot of time together especially since he takes her to his parents and picks her up.  That is a good two hours in the car each day they spend together listening to her favorite Moana songs.  Now this time has just been the two of us and I am soaking it all up.  She now gives me the sweetest hugs and runs up to me when I am in the kitchen.  I am going to cherish these days because I know the day I return back to work will be a hard day for me.  I never thought I would say that.  I want my daughter to see her mom be a successful corporate woman and be the role model that I want to be for her.  But in the mean time, I’m soaking up the all the extra hugs I can get!

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Mother Daughter time together

Mother Daughter time together

Girls wear pink

Mommy and me time

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