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Colorful Coats to Wear this Winter

Trina Turk colorful plaid wool coat

This winter has been a cold one to say the least.  It is always my mission to find the warmest attire.  At first, I thought I would never get used to this weather but I believe I finally have. 
For the first time ever, I thought it wasn’t feeling too bad when it was 37 degrees out.  Who have I become????  Don’t get me wrong, I am still a sun and beach type of girl…just learning to weather these winters!  

One way I make the most out of this season is by wearing a warm and fashionable coat.  I finally have learned that I don’t only have to wear a huge over-sized, unflattering coat just to stay warm.  Coats can actually be colorful and made from a variety of fabrics.  This colorful coat from Trina Turk is extremely warm.  I was wearing this that day when I thought 37 degrees wasn’t too bad.  That is when I knew, I have finally gotten used to these winters.  Even Chloé is learning to bundle up.  She is wearing her pink puffer coat to keep warm.

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Plaid wool coat Trina Turk

plaid coat for the winter.

Plaid coat with fur collar

plaid coat in astoria park

mommy and me in our winter coats

Mommy and me in our winter coats
Here are a few options for colorful coats from Zaful to keep you warm this winter.  Use code ‘ZFNancy’ for your discount.
  1. Belted Wool Blend Plaid Coat – Plaid is all over and its even better on a coat.  This standout piece will take you from day to night.
  2. Heather Double Breasted Tweed Coat – This tweed coat is classy and works well with office wear.
  3. Snap Tweed Coat With Pockets – Stand out with red coat this winter.  Red is always a good idea.
  4. Checkered Yellow Peacoat – For even more color, try this yellow coat.  The shape is comfortable and allows for you to layer sweaters underneath.
  5. Lapel Red Houndstooth Woolen Coat – This coat combines the plaid trend with red.  This wool coat is also sure to keep you warm in these colder temperatures.                                            

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