Champagne Gummy Bears

Champagne gummy bears diy

I love Christmas and I love hosting people.  Many years ago in Miami, when I didn’t know how to cook at all, I invited my friends over and had everyone bring a dish while I provided appetizers and dessert.  That is when my annual Christmas potluck was born. 
I have continued this tradition even as I have moved around and now it is a tradition with my husband and daughter, here in New York.  Along with the food, I always like to send off my guests with a little gift or party favor.  This year, I decided I wanted to give everyone champagne gummy bears!  Champagne is always a good idea.

I searched online and quickly realized that buying a three ounce box for $8 each would become quite pricey.  I decided to make them, well the champagne part at least.  I didn’t make the gummy bears from scratch but instead, purchased this five pound bag of pink grapefruit gummy bears from Amazon.  I poured the entire bag into a large bowl and soaked them with half a bottle of champagne.  I put this in the fridge and let it soak overnight.  These gummy bears were thirsty because all of the champagne was completely soaked up.  For packaging, I ordered these clear boxes, also from Amazon.  I filled each box with a good amount of gummy bears.  I added ribbon all around along with a gift tag.  These were such a huge hit at the potluck, everyone was so surprised and happy to take a box home.  These are so easy to do and a great party favor.  I am already trying to come up with another reason just to make these.
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DIY champagne gummy bears

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