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Carrying my PIneapple Tote!

Pineapple tote as baby bag
I have a great love for purses and bags of all shapes and sizes.  It is my weakness. Anytime I find an adorable bag, I have to have it.  Now as a mom, I am always on the hunt for a bag that can double as a baby bag.
 I want to be able to incorporate my items into my everyday mom life.  Being a mom for me doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice style or carry loads of extra bags around.  I have to admit, the first time I took out my baby, I filled my diaper bag to the rim.  I most likely didn’t need half of the items in there but I had no clue.  Now, I can confidently say that I have it down to a science.  
When packing for an outing with my little Chloé, I make sure not to over pack.  Luckily, I received this great tote for review.  I can comfortably fit everything inside for the baby, still have room for my belongings, and any extra items I may need.  Utilizing these last warm days, we went to the park for a BBQ and enjoyed the sunshine.  This pineapple Cappelli Straworld bag is the perfect bag to carry.  The pineapple print is fun and bright.  The rope handles make it easy to hold and will not hurt your shoulders after a day of running around.  It is spacious and carried Chloé’s bottles, extra clothes, and diapers.  In addition, I was able to add two picnic blankets inside.  As you can see, little Chloé also loved this bag.  This tote is versatile and would be perfect for a beach vacation or hanging out all day in the city.  You can never go wrong with pineapples!

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