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Blue & Grey Sweater Dress

sweater dresses astoria in heels
Time has sprung forward and it seems as though time is not just moving forward but actually flying by way too quickly.  Its mid-March and in one month, taxes are already due.  When did this all happen, I better start preparing my taxes soon!  Luckily I am able to do them myself.  Before I get down to it, I start off each year with an updated financial fitness plan.  Having a background in Accounting is helpful but I have just always been a very budget minded person.  Before I purchase any of these outfits, purses, or accessories, i make sure to have it all planned out financially.  I thought I would spend time this post giving some ideas and tips of how I plan my finances for the year.
First and foremost, there is a budget.  I know it might sound crazy, but I have my budget mapped out for the entire year.  I have certain amounts automatically deducted and sent straight to an online savings account twice a month.  Because I have my budget for the year, I can determine how much I can save on a monthly basis.  Once I have this amount, I am better able to manage the remaining amount that is left over after any monthly bills.  From there, I also set aside specific amounts that I allocate to different spending buckets such as travel or home purchases.  Budgeting has been key for me to manage my clothing purchases.  Having the big picture in front of you in a budget allows me to know how much can be allocated to clothing and other splurge items.   
Sorry, didn’t want to bore you with too much budget talk but I get asked about this often and I hope it was helpful.  I will try to dive it to other aspects of how I keep my finances in order in future posts as well.  Now about my outfit 🙂  With the up and down weather changes, I constantly grab this sweater dress.  It is a tea length dress with long sleeves and if it gets too cold, I just throw on a leather jacket over.  The grey and blue diagonal lines are flattering and go perfect with this Angela Roi handbag.  These ankle boots add a bit of edginess to the dress.  I love wearing dresses and this has easily become one of my favorites!
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grey sweater dress

UES sweater dress

Theory ankle boots

Theory boots
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