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Birthday Gratitude!

40th Birthday party dress, rose gold sequin dress adrianna papell

January is here and that means my birthday is here!  It’s a big one for me and I’m excited and scared all at the same time.  I never really discuss my exact age here because I don’t want to get type
cast because of a number.  People are quick to label bloggers as “millennial bloggers”, “bloggers over a certain age”, and so forth.  I have friends and family of ages that range over 30 years and I feel that I am able to relate to a wide range of age groups.  I do not want to be put in a category because of my age, besides, age is just a number!  But here at I am at 40 years old and I am so grateful for everything I have achieved in my life.  It wasn’t always a smooth road but everything has brought me to where I am today and I want to share all that I am grateful for!

I am happy with everything that has come into my life.  I am so grateful for every up and down that has come my way.  The last few years have been difficult due to my job choices and it put a lot of pressure on me which I unfortunately took home and at times, even put it on my husband.  We have worked through it together and now I can say how fulfilled I am with all aspects of my life.  I’ve met and married my soulmate, created this amazing family that I never even imagined, have an incredible circle of friends and even work at a company that I actually miss while I am out of maternity leave.  As a working women, it is hard to find that company that really makes you happy to go on a daily basis and I can honestly say I have found it.  I don’t want to jinx it and I know there will be tough times at work but I am finally working with mature individuals that will ride those tough waves with me.

I realized that I had to work at those awful places for me to find the job I have now.  I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  This company values family and I can come home at a reasonable time to spend it with my beautiful girls.  I am so in love with my two girls, Chloé and Celine.  I can’t even believe how lucky I am sometimes.  I sometimes tear up when I look at their faces.  This is a life I didn’t even realize I wanted and I now I know that I am so fortunate to have this life.  They teach me so much about love everyday.  They teach me patience and understanding.  I just want to hug them every minute of the day.  I catch myself staring at them and wondering how did I ever get this lucky.

During this life of mine, I have had my fair share of bad dates and I am so blessed that I met Ricardo when I did.  They always say it happens when you least expect it and that is exactly what happened.  He accepts me for me and allows me to go through all my emotions as I need to.  He loves me unconditionally and is the most amazing father.  His attention to these girls is unparalleled and they love their papa so much.

In addition, this blogging has really made an impact on me.  It started as a light hobby where I only posted about my outfits but as life evolved, so has this blog.  It has changed to focus on me as a working mom and all that we encounter in life, from handling pregnancy stylishly to dealing with atrocities in the workplace.  I hope I have been able to empower other women and encourage them to take on everything because we can do it all!  I am grateful that this blog has shown me how I can support other women more and really put women in the forefront.  I am thankful for all the great people I have met through this blog and for all the opportunities it has afforded me.  I am a corporate working mom and that will always be me by choice and I hope I can encourage others to be thankful for all the greatness that they already are!

Thank you for reading,


40th Birthday party dress, rose gold sequin dress adrianna papell
40th Birthday party dress, rose gold sequin dress adrianna papell

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