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Backyard Brunch Series…My New Networking Event

Women supporting women, women empowerment, brunch with working women networking event

As I go through this journey in life and learning more about myself, I know that I want to do more and give back.  Ever since I left the toxic environment I spoke about here, I have been trying to find ways to encourage women empowerment. 
I love hosting and I am spent this past summer working on getting my backyard in a better condition to have people over.  One morning, it just hit me.  Since I love having my girlfriends over, why don’t I make it a networking session.

I’ve decided to host small, intimate brunches in my backyard with girlfriends that don’t know one another to mix and mingle and empower one another.  I have met so many successful women here in New York who are experts in their field from lawyers, doctors, marketing specialists to fellow CPA’s and I believe we all need to support one another regardless of industry or business.  Each person has something unique to bring and the more we support one another, the more we can achieve.

I hosted my first “Backyard Brunch Series” in July and it was a huge success.  One of my girlfriends joined an organization helping women become more involved in politics and another friend of mine knew someone who was ready to get into politics.  Just like that, a connection was made.  They were able to assist one another and help propel another woman forward.  In addition, it was a wonderful time having these women over who never met and just hit it off with each other right away.  We ate, talked about anything and everything, all while enjoying mimosas, well orange juice for me!  I find it helpful to network in smaller groups because it allows for more interaction and candidness.  Women spoke about their careers and got to know each other better.  I had originally planned to do more brunches this summer but this pregnancy really put a halt to that.  I plan to start this back up next spring.  I look forward to hosting more and keeping this going into the future.  We as women owe it to each other to push and support one another.  We all didn’t get we are on our own and helping others achieve is success in my eyes!

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Women supporting women, women empowerment, networking brunch in New York City

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