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Babymoon Before Number Two Arrives

Corolla beach, strapless maxi, maternity style

This summer flew by so quickly that we really didn’t think we would have a chance to vacation before our little girl arrives.  Luckily, my husband’s friend invited us down to the Outerbanks
on his yearly family trip.  I quickly jumped at the opportunity. We would be able to drive and share a large house that is walking distance to the beach.  I couldn’t wait.  This summer has been rough on me with this pregnancy and I feel as though I have been going nonstop.  I hadn’t taken any breaks since April and I was beyond ready to get away and relax.  This vacation was perfect!

We left on a Monday morning and drove down to Corolla, NC.  Hurricane Florence almost ruined our plans but luckily this town was untouched and we were still able to go.  With stops, the drive was about nine hours.  We listened to the podcast, Dirty John, which helped the time to pass by.  FYI…it is a very interesting podcast and should be a PSA for how all women don’t want to be!  We arrived to the house late Monday night and went right to sleep.  Tuesday came and the only decision I had to make was, beach or pool.  I was ready to get in the water so pool it was!  We had such incredible weather all week, 80’s and sunny.  Each day I woke up late, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, headed to the pool or beach, went out or grilled for lunch, and relaxed on the couch at night.  It was truly magical.  
Ricardo and I are so used to packing in so much to our holidays that this was such a nice break from the norm.  Especially with how I have been feeling with this pregnancy, I wanted to do as little as possible.  Chloè enjoyed the pool and running on the sandy beach.  We also made our way to a beach where wild horses fun freely.  It was beautiful.  During this trip, I was so relaxed, I even worked on a puzzle.  I can’t remember the last time I had the time to just sit at a table to put together a puzzle.  For the last evening, one of our friends offered to stay in and watch Chloè while we went out for dinner.  It was so nice to have an actual date night.  I enjoyed some amazing crab legs!!!  I love seafood and these did not disappoint. 

I took it extremely easy on this vacation and didn’t venture out a lot but when I did, it was always an enjoyable time.  My recommendations based on the few times we went out in Corolla, Outerbanks include the Corolla Wild Horses.  On the coast, you can drive on the beach with large homes to one side and the Alantic on the other.  You will find horses roaming around where you can capture amazing photos, just be sure not to feed them.  Another great spot I recommend is Duck Donuts because I have an insane sweet tooth, of course.  They have maple bacon donuts that will ruin any other donut you have ever had in your life.  They are amazing and I wish I would have bought a dozen to bring back.  I guess I just have to go back next year.  The final stop I recommend is Awful Arthur’s Oyster Bar.  This is the only authentic copper topped oyster bar in the Outerbanks amd is a local mainstay known for its fresh, delicious seafood.  I ordered the crab legs and spicy shrimp and I was in heaven!  This place will not disappoint. 

This trip was a great way for us to recharge and relax.  Corolla is such a beautiful town with friendly people, I highly recommend taking a trip down there.  I am already looking forward to going back next year!

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wild horses in corolla, NC, outerbanks

strapless blue maxi, outerbanks vacation, wild horses corolla, N.C.

Corolla Beach, outerbanks N.C. babymoon

Corolla Beach, 8 months pregnant babymoon

babymoon in Corolla, N.C. Outerbanks

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