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Avya Skincare – Eye Cream and Anti-Aging Serum

To be honest, growing up, I didn’t put a lot of effort into my skincare routine.  I didn’t really know much about skincare to begin with.  I would wash my face in the shower with water and that was the extent of it. 
As I got older, I began using a cleanser and eventually I learned about using a moisturizer.  My skincare regimen was a very slow learning process.  Finally, I am much better and have caught up to speed.  I realized that I needed to add in a few more steps even before I get to the moisturizer.  Knowing which brands to use and what would work for my skin is still a learning process.  
Recently, I have been introduced to a luxury skincare line called Avya.  They are a luxury beauty brand that focuses on melanin and wrinkle reduction.  They combine ancient botanicals used for generations with current skincare technology to enhance our natural skin tone.  At Avya, they are shifting the focus to attributes of skin with higher melanin concentration.  I feel like this product was made for me!  Also, I am used to using turmeric in my cooking but didn’t realize how useful it is in my skincare.  Along with Turmeric, Neem and Peony are the main ingredients that set this line apart.  From the Avya Site,, I learned more about each of these ingredients.

Tumeric has a bioactive substance called curcumin that fights inflammation at the molecular level and protects the skin from free radicals.and oxidative environmental stress.  Neem, an ancient botanicla antioxidant prevents acne and its astringent actions serves to exfoliate and decrease pore size.  Peony has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties and it is an effective complexion stabilizer that brightens to skin.  Each Avya product is formulated with these ingredients as well as additional botanicals and ground-breaking technology carefully selected to ensure that every products works perfectly on all skin types, no matter your melanin level.

I received their eye bright cream (with caffeine) and anti-aging power serum (with Vitamin C).  Serums and face oils are still new to me but I try to use one everyday.  Their anti-aging power serum is smooth and absorbed into my skin very quickly.  I noticed my skin felt tighter after a week of using it.  Also, I noticed an exfoliation effect.  When I would put my sunscreen on afterwards, I felt my dry skin peel away.  My skin is smoother to the touch and I feel hydrated all day.  I have had issues with dehydrated skin in the past and it is great knowing that my skin isn’t lacking moisture with this product.

In addition to the serum, I began applying the eye cream to my under eye area every morning.  As I age, I definitely notice this becoming a problem area and I have learned how important it is to use a daily eye cream.  This part of your skin is so thin and delicate that it must be treated with care.  Their eye cream is not greasy and rubs in easily under my eye.  The topical caffeine in this products helps with puffiness and after a week, I did notice that it has slightly reduced.  I feel confident that after using this eye cream for even longer, the positive effects will be even greater.

I am very happy with both products and I highly recommend them!



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