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Staying in shape after baby

Keeping in shape is important to me.  It is about more than just keeping a certain size, but also maintaining my strength.  I tried to work out for most of my pregnancy.  During my lunch breaks, I would make sure to walk as much as possible.  After giving birth, I waited until I felt comfortable enough to head back to the gym. 
I lost a lot of the baby weight right away but I still needed to tone and maintain my general health.  I try to eat healthy but I know myself.  I have an immense sweet tooth so most of my workouts are to counteract the brownie or cupcake I had the night before 🙂  Each of us know what is best for us and what our ultimate goals are.  We shouldn’t try to do anything for other people and make sure that everything we do is in our own best interest.  I like to eat sweets so I try to go to the gym at least three times a week.  I spend thirty minutes on the elliptical and alternate my workouts between upper body and lower body.  I always do an ab routine to finish off my gym session.  In the end, it is important to be happy with yourself, no matter what size you are.

In addition, it is important for me to feel comfortable in my workout gear at the gym.  I go to the gym after work and during the winter, it is dark and cold by the time I leave.  I received these Mogul pants from Avalanche for review and now they are my new best friend.  These pants have become a staple for me.  The exterior is smooth and the interior is made of soft brushed fleece.  It feels great against my skin and keeps me warm when I leave the gym in the cold weather.  The fabric has a good amount of stretch so I don’t feel restricted in any range of motion.  While you may mainly find me in the gym, these pants would also be great for outdoor activities and excursions.   

I am hoping to learn to ski this winter and I know these pants will be great on those snow filled days!  They have a great collection filled with many fashionable and functional pieces for the active outdoors.

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Avalanche outdoor pants

Staying in shape after baby

Staying in shape after baby

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