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Astoria Finds: Sanfords

Going out for brunch was not something that I was used to doing when I was growing up in Miami.  I was so used to always making and having breakfast at home as a family affair.  As it became more popular, there were still very limited options on places to go.  It wasn’t very common for us to go but it became a treat to head out for brunch but it was always to the same one or two places that we knew of.  Then I moved to New York, and now I love brunch.  I can’t understand not going out for brunch now.  I sometimes think when friends come to visit, they are wondering why I am so insistent on going out to eat instead of making breakfast at home.  And that is when I take them to Sanfords…

One of my favorite things about living in Astoria is all of the great brunch options I have that are all walking distance of one another.  I have been to a number of different places but I always come back to my favorite spot, Sanfords, located on Broadway at the corner of 31st Street  It has been in Astoria since 1922 but has been transformed into a modern space that is open 24 hours.  I found Sanfords when I first moved to Astoria and had to make a conscious effort to try different places just because I found myself only going here.  But for good reason, the food and service is always on point.  You never have to worry about not enjoying your time here.  The people that work here are so nice and remember us every time they see us.  You can always count on everything you order to be tasty and you especially cannot beat the incredible brunch deal they offer.   A brunch entree along with 2 brunch cocktails, and your choice of juice or coffee, all for $16.  There is always a wait here but it is truly worth it.  These are the reasons that I will keep on going back to my favorite brunch location and houseguests certainly agree. 

Sanfords astoria brunch
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astoria brunch sanfords bloody mary

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