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Astoria Finds: New York Doghouse

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Sometimes you just want a good old hot dog!   And that is exactly what you get at New York Dog House in Astoria.  Found on 37-06 30th Avenue, this cute restaurant with a lovely patio, serves up 15 different styles of hot dog, from the classic NY’er with house made sauerkraut to the Philly Cheez Dog made with grilled rib eye steak.  If you are trying to diet, don’t find yourself here.  This is definitely the place for indulgence of the best kind.

NY Doghouse also has a great selection of cocktails.  I had JD’s Honey Lemonade and it was quite refreshing.  I’ve noticed that I have really been opting for refreshing cocktails this summer instead of my usual scotch drinks.  I enjoy tasting the different concoctions each place has to offer and the Doghouse cocktail menu has a large number to choose from.   The back patio is a great place to host a party as well.  The staff and service was so pleasant and they really waited patiently as I kept perusing the menu trying to decide.  Overall, I can’t wait to go back when that urge for a godo old hot dog arises.

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