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Astoria Finds: Monika’s Cafe Bar

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Spring finally arrived, a little later than I would have liked, but eating outside is here again.  These weekends are now spent walking around the neighborhood and exploring all the restaurants and shops we haven’t even had a chance to try as yet.  Astoria is constantly growing and recently there is always something new opening but there are still so many places that have been here for a while that I have not made it out to.  For example, Monika’s Cafe Bar found on 3290 36th Street is one such place.  It is not in the two block radius from where I live and is actually quite further from where I usually head to.  I have a bad habit of not venturing to far from my norm but I am going to make a habit of exploring this summer.

Monika’s has a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere.  The outside is very simple but inside, the decor is colorful and cozy.  The service was friendly and prompt.  I had the shrimp tacos and they were well seasoned and full of flavor.  They also have a lot of vegetarian and gluten free options.  My Bloody Mary was also very spicy.  As long as I have a great Bloody Mary, I am happy!  Monika’s is in a great location, it is close to the movie theater and the Museum of the Moving Image, which I am looking forward to visiting this summer.  Astoria is always surprising me and Monika’s Cafe is no exception.

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astoria outside eating

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