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Astoria Finds: Gossip Coffee

bacon guinness donuts and coffee
There are many cute coffee shops in Astoria and I stumbled into another one the other day.  Gossip Coffee, located on 37-04 30th Ave, is perfectly located on the 30th Avenue strip of restaurants.  They have a great vibe inside and paid so much attention to the detailed styling of the shop.  The staff is lovely and friendly.  They take they work seriously and make every cup of coffee a piece of art.  In addition to the amazing coffee, they make Guinness stout donuts….What!!!!   I love Guinness and I love donuts so this was something I had to try.  It did not disappoint.  They also serve various flavored rice puddings for those of you who want to try something different than your traditional ice cream.  

Gossip Coffee has the cutest back patio.  This was great for the summer, sipping on a drink and hanging out with friends.  There is also plenty of table space inside for those wanting to take their studies there.  I am looking forward to visiting when the weather gets chillier and I am certainly going back for more donuts.  Gossip Coffee is a welcome addition to Astoria!
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rice pudding astoria coffee shop
Gossip Coffee shop in Astoria

Gossip Coffee astoria

Gossip Coffee Astoria

Gossip Coffee Astoria

Gossip Coffee Astoria

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