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Astoria Finds: Astoria Performing Arts Center presents Follies

Follies Astoria Center of the performing Arts

Astoria is home to many great places; Astoria Park, Museum of the Moving Image, Sanfords, but my favorite is the Astoria Performing Arts Center.  I had the privilege of seeing the revival of Follies last Friday.
Follies is a brilliant musical production that has pizzazz and lots of spark.  The storyline follows a group of dancers that once performed at a historic theater who return for a reunion thirty years later before it is torn down.
This play originally debuted on broadway in 1971 and won seven Tony awards.  The first Broadway revival occurred in 2001 and now it here in Astoria in 2018.  In the play, you meet the characters in 1941 and again in 1971 and some of the best scenes occur when those characters from the past and present intermingle.  It is a story of dreams, nightmares, regret, and resilience.  The songs are beautiful, cheery, and explosive.  This play is absolute fun and we are fortunate to APAC for bringing this to our community!
It makes me extremely happy to live in Astoria knowing I am able to see such a prolific production in my local neighborhood.  APAC has brought so many great performances to the stage here and you would be making a mistake to not see any.  Tickets are on sale for $18 and Follies runs until May 26th.    You can purchase tickets here.

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Follies Astoria Center of the performing Arts
Andrea mcCullough, Victoria Bundonis, Tina Stafford, LaDonna Burns, Marcie Henderson, Denise DeMars, and Rusty Riegelman in Follies.  Photo by Michael Dekker

Follies Astoria Center of the performing ArtsFollies Astoria Center of the performing Arts
Kathleen LaMagna, Greg Horton, and Mandarin Wu in Follies.  Photo by Michael Dekker

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