About Me

Welcome to Astoria In Heels!

My name is Andrea Abraham and this is my world filled with fashion, beauty, career, and family.

I’ve been an accountant for over 15 years and when I moved to New York eight years ago, I found myself in unknown territory.  Working in finance in New York is a much different animal than it is anywhere else, at least for me, different than Los Angeles and Miami.  Work life was harder and more demanding but the New York fashion really caught my eye.  In New York, I really began to fine tune my style and began to enjoy the changing seasonal style.  As the years went on, I got married and took on another challenging position at a new company. 

Two years later and I took on an even bigger role as a new mom! I had our first daughter and life as I know changed and changed for the best! I was the last one among my childhood friends to get married and have children and I was given an impression that life as I knew it would be over. I was not going to let that happen. I enjoy pursuing my career still while making time for my daughters and my husband. We still enjoy traveling and going out with friends. We enjoy having dinner out with the girls in tow. I am here to inspire other working moms to be confident in both their career and at home and to find ways to excude confidence through their style. Life doesn’t stop and neither should you. Motherhood and career are all part of your journey and your sense of style doesn’t have to falter.

I am here to inspire other working moms to be confident and keep doing what you have always done and do it stylishly. Life doesn’t stop and neither should you.

Life doesn’t stop and neither should you.

Including talking about life as a mom, I also share my experiences as a women working in corporate finance.  It hasn’t been a smooth ride to say the least but I want other women to know that they are not alone in what they have experienced in the corporate world.  Balancing career and family is a learning process.  Here on the blog you can expect to find me sharing about all aspects of this life.  There will be style tips, as well as lifestyle and motherhood stories sprinkled in with career advice and hear how I learned to own my voice.  Join me as I hope to inspire and empower other moms to go after what you want!

Here are a few questions to get to know me better!

Why is the blog named “Astoria In Heels”?

I moved to the Queens neighborhood of Astoria two months after moving to New York and love it.  I moved once and it was just down the street to another apartment by the same landlord.  Also, I am 5’1” and you will mostly find me in heels.  I have always loved wearing heels, mainly for the height and now I like how my outfits looks with a great pair of heels.

What do you do in finance?

I am a Certified Public Accountant and work at an asset management company.  I oversee the valuation and financial reporting of real estate investment funds.

How many children do you have?

I have two little girls that are two years apart.  They are my world.

Where do you live now?

I am originally from Miami.  I was working down there for ten years before my job relocated me to Los Angeles.  While I was there, I met my husband and moved to New York after two years of being in LA. Now after almost ten years in New York, a husband and two kids later, we all have relocated back to South Florida. So happy to be back in the sunshine!