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8 Month Pregnancy update

8 months pregnancy update, maternity style, pregnancy style

I am 35 weeks already and time is really flying by.  There are a number of changes I am feeling.  One positive change is that I actually have more energy.
Don’t get me wrong, I am tired, but once it stopped being extremely humid and hot, I began to feel better.  Even coworkers have noticed that I am not walking around the office as slowly as before.  It’s nice to not feel as exhausted as I did this summer.  Here are some other things I have noticed this month:

Nausea:  This is the not so fun side!  I am getting nauseous again and that is very upsetting.  I was hoping I was over that after the first trimester.  I still have not thrown up but it is still not a great feeling.  It doesn’t occur all day, it just comes out of nowhere and mainly at night.

Skin/Physical changes:  I found that I have gotten a few small moles on the top of my back.  This has never happened to me before and I don’t have many moles to begin with so this one was strange for me.  Also, I am breaking out on my cheeks this time.  My nose appears bigger to me but that could just be me thinking that.  I mentioned before that I did not get the Linea Negra this time, well that has changed.  It showed up a few weeks ago but it is not as dark as last time.

Carpel tunnel:  This has to be the most annoying one for me.  I am on a computer all day and the joints in my fingers just ache all day.  They feel tight and I am constantly opening and closing my hands to try to loosen them up.

Swollen ankles:  My ankles are swollen and I haven’t worn heels very often this pregnancy which is very unusual for me.  The good news is I have become used to walking flat footed now.  Since I was always in heels, I would always get cramps right away if I wore flats.     

Baby movement:  My appetite is not as big as I was expecting it to be and I have gained 22 pounds to date.  My belly is tight and I can see the baby move from one side to the other.  It is so interesting to watch since I didn’t feel this much last time.  I can actually feel a body part poking out at me.  I am loving it and I am always trying to get Chloè to feel my belly so she can enjoy it too.  She is still not quite sure of everything going on though.

I can’t believe that this little girl will be here in a month or so.  I’m excited and nervous.  I remember how exhausted I was in those first few weeks and I am trying to get myself ready for that again.  Currently I am going through all of our closets and reorganizing and redecorating.  There is still so much to do.  I still need to pack my hospital bag!  I know it will all be completed but there just seems like a never ending list of things to get accomplished!

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