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7 Month Pregnancy Update

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I can’t believe I am seven month’s pregnant already.  She is coming and she is coming soon!  I feel as though the next two months are just going to fly by.  Honestly, I am beginning to get a little nervous.  It is now hitting me that I will soon have two little ones.
  I just got used to taking care of one!  Little Miss Chloé will be two years old and she is definitely going to be all over the place.  I’m not looking forward to the “terrible twos” while taking care of a newborn.  Fortunately, Ricardo is an amazing dad and actually does everything I do, except breastfeed of course!  He is such a great dad and I never feel overwhelmed because of it.

Now that I am coming to terms with having two children soon, I am really feeling the weight of it all, literally.  I am feeling the weight of my belly and this time, I am prepared.  I have a belly band that I have been wearing to help ease the pain.  It makes such a difference going up the stairs with this.  It is a little bulky so I am still wearing loose clothing to prevent it from showing through.  I am still getting winded quickly and much more tired than before.  It is so surprising to me how different my energy level is this time.  I may look like I am full of energy but it definitely does not last long.  I wear flip flops to commute to work and I haven’t even been changing into my heels at work.  Now you know I am really tired if I am not even wearing my heels!!!  My heartburn is back and mainly occurs at night so I am waking up periodically through the night and grabbing my bottle of Tums!  Of course, I am also having to use the bathroom in the middle of night a lot more now as well.  I have gained 18 pounds so far and overall I can’t complain.  The tiredness is hard and I walk so slow now but it is still a great pregnancy.  My doctor told me that I am his easiest patient so I know there are women who have a much harder pregnancy than what I am going through.

Emotionally, I find myself all over the place sometimes.  There are family issues that seem to keep arising and I noticed that it is causing me to overly sensitive.  I am working through it but it can be frustrating at times because I don’t want any negative vibes around me or my baby.  I have been going to the gym and its not just to try to keep in shape or keep my energy up, but it also gives me time to myself to gather my thoughts and work through those emotions that are currently all over the place.

Time is flying and I am so excited. Thank you for joining me on this journey!


maternity clothing, maternity fashion, maternity floral maxi dress

maternity clothing, maternity fashion, maternity floral maxi dress

maternity clothing, maternity fashion, maternity floral maxi dress
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