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10 Baby Products to Travel with a Newborn

going to delta sky lounge before our flight
Our first trip with Chloe was when she was two months old.  We went down to Miami to spend my maternity leave there and miss out on the New York winter.  Since then, we have also gone to Cancun and Trinidad with Chloe and she is now a pro at flying.  Our first time at the airport was insane, it looked as though we carried our entire apartment with us, we were still figuring out the best products to travel with for kids.  As the year went on, we got better and know which baby gear items are great to travel with.  With our second daughter, Celine, we ended up on a plane a lot sooner because my niece was getting married in Miami.  I usually would not have flown before she was two months old but I spoke with our pediatrician and took all necessary precautions.  While home in Miami for the wedding, the baby stayed with family so everything was worked out ahead of time.  
I spoke about my top tips on traveling with an infant here but with a second baby, I found it just as important to be able to travel light.  I hate overpacking, which is easy to do with two kids but I found some products that have made the travel process easier and really help when traveling with a newborn.
1.  Bugaboo bee – I love this stroller.  The frame is small but sturdy.  It folds up easily and fits in a travel bag neatly to allow for easy storing on the plane.  I usually roll Chloe all the way up to the gate and then pack the stroller in the bag and hand it off to the gate agent.  Once at my location, this stroller is light enough for me to easily put in and out of any car.
2.  Puj tub – This bathtub easily fits into my suitcase.  It fits nicely into any sink allowing you to bathe your newborn on the go. 
 3.  Travel car seat – I just recently got this and am so happy we did.  We used to rent a car seat for Chloe when we traveled because her’s is so big and heavy.  Now, having a booster seat that folds up and can be picked up with one hand cuts down on the heavy lifting at the airport.
4.  Ergo carrier – I swear by this for traveling.  It is so important to be hands free especially with two kids.  I can wear the baby through the airport while holding Chloe’s hand.  This makes getting through security easy.
5.  Aden and Anais blankets – These can be used to cover your kids on the plane when its cold, use as a cover when nursing, or swaddle when they need to sleep.
6.  Lalubaby shirt –  When we headed down for the wedding, Celine was just three weeks old.  I used this instead of the ergo carrier.  I was able to wear her in the front pocket of the tank top and keep her very close to me.  She stayed close to me and away from strangers sticky fingers.
7. Multi-use cover – This multi use covers can be used as a car seat canopy, a baby stroller cover, nursing cover and high chair cover.  While in the airport and on the plane, I wore Celine in my Lalubaby shirt and wore this cover as a scarf to cover her.  I pulled it down over my shoulders to keep it from being in her face but it kept her covered so well, that no one even knew I was holding a baby.  It was helpful in keeping anyone away from her.  Also, while in Miami, I kept this on the car seat to keep her covered so no one could get too close.
8. Diaper bag – This is an essential.  This diaper bag is spacious and stylish.  It holds everything we need for both girls.  It also has a zipper in the bag that allows you to reach in and get items from the bottom without having to dig through the entire bag.  Having this much space is crucial to carry enough toys to keep a toddler entertained on a flight.
9.  Foldable diaper caddy – Having a foldable caddy is a game changer.  No more having to create an area for diapers for keeping them in the diaper bag.  This caddy easily folds to fit in your suitcase and once you get to your destination, it is the perfect size for everything you need for baby.
10. MiClassic Bassinet – This bassinet is small but the perfect size for a newborn.  We ended up using this as our “pemanent” bassinet for Celine.  It has mesh all the way around and it foldable and lightweight.  It comes with a carrying bag that makes it easy to check at the ticket counter before heading to the gate.  
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